Rick Sanchez And Dan Abrams Debate Fox News’ Role In Shirley Sherrod Scandal

Mediaite founder Dan Abrams visited Rick Sanchez on CNN’s primetime edition of Rick’s List to discuss the role of Fox News in the Shirley Sherrod scandal. While Sanchez was outraged that Bill O’Reilly had called for her resignation before Fox News had covered the story, Abrams noted the difference between Fox’s opinion and straight news programming, though found O’Reilly’s apology to Sherrod lacking.

Sanchez felt uncomfortable with O’Reilly’s decision to run with the story despite one of the heads of the news division telling staff to be cautious, suggesting the divisions between news and opinion were not distinct enough. Abrams challenged him on this point, arguing that it was unlikely “that people aren’t able to distinguish between opinion news at night than straight news during the day.” On O’Reilly specifically, Sanchez saw his mistake– and subsequent apology– as a sign of greater troubles with Fox News, whereas Abrams stuck to the difference between opinion and straight news, but did not think O’Reilly’s apology was “good enough.”

Video from CNN’s Rick’s List below:

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