Rick Sanchez: “Is [Sharron] Angle The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened To Harry Reid?”

CNN’s Rick Sanchez is about to take over the 8pmET hour on CNN in addition to his two hours in the afternoon with Rick’s List.

Here’s what prime time viewers can expect – a host who didn’t hold back letting his feelings on Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle be known.

After playing a highlight (lowlight?) reel of some of Angle’s greatest hits, Sanchez had on David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network who recently interviewed her. “Is Angle the greatest thing that every happened to Harry Reid, at the worst time in his life, when it looked to so many insiders like he was in trouble?” asked Sanchez.

Brody argued that the “conventional wisdom” was that Angle was a weak candidate, but with the “anti-government, anti-incumbent feel” right now, “he’s got his work cut out for him in terms of the mood of the country.”

Check it out:

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