Rick Sanchez Marvels At The ‘Reaganesque’ Style Of Sarah Palin’s ‘Mama Grizzlies’ Ad

It was only released yesterday, but Sarah Palin‘s “Mama Grizzlies” ad can already count one convert to the Palin Revolution: CNN’s Rick Sanchez, whose starry, flabbergasted awe at the video this afternoon sounded more like a recreation of “Double-Rainbow Guy” than a political analysis. That’s because the ad didn’t quite convert Sanchez to conservatism– he didn’t even seem to notice the political content of the ad. But have you seen the lighting?

Sanchez watched the clip with CNN correspondent Jessica Yellin, who was on Rick’s List to analyze what the ad, meant to promote Palin’s PAC, was really intended to convey. Yellin praised it for bringing Palin back to her roots– “she did her best when she was a mother and a woman speaking for other women”– though, to her, the only thing the ad made her think of was the recurring presence of the grizzly bear on the endangered species list. Palin probably hopes this is not the reaction everyone else had to the clip, and it was definitely not Sanchez’s.

“But it’s not just her,” he told Yellin, “the whole thing is so well put together. I mean, lighting, writing, editing… all those things we have to think about that sometimes is outside of the information.” The text really doesn’t do his exuberance justice. Sanchez is very excited about the production value of this clip.

So much so, that it reminded him of one of the most effective political campaigners in recent history: “It looked Reaganesque, almost like Roger Ailes is suddenly moonlighting or something and working for Sarah Palin, not that that’s an accusation or anything.” Bless his heart, he knows not what he says. Sarah Palin works for Roger Ailes, not the other way around!

Meanwhile, Yellin was still trying to figure out the meat and potatoes of the matter– what the political message of the ad was meant to convey, and who it was meant to convey it to. “There’s one African-American person in the whole ad, that I could see. It’s appealing to a very specific base of voters and, you know, it is a base that Sarah Palin would like to be her base.” Yellin seems to believe that Palin’s fiercely anti-Obama rhetoric is not popular among African-Americans, so Palin has just quit trying to convince them to like her.

It’s hard to blame Sanchez completely for not getting any of the ad’s political meat when it includes such wonky policy initiatives as “Look out, Washington, because there’s a whole stampede of pink elephants crossin’ the line and the ETA — stampeding through — is November 2nd, 2010.” Nor is it fair to bash him for pointing out the quality of the ad– it is pretty well produced. But maybe next time his producers should show Sanchez the ad before they go on air, so he doesn’t start fawning over the pretty colors and suspecting the head of Fox News is affiliated with Sarah Palin on live TV.

Video below:

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