Rick Sanchez Wins Bill O’Reilly’s Pinhead Award for ‘Venting’ About FNC’s White House Seat

Yesterday, CNN’s Rick Sanchez lamented the fact that Fox News got a front row seat, because “don’t you have to be a news organization to get that seat?” It was unclear what Sanchez’s goal was with those comments, but whatever he intended, they garnered him the illustrious “Pinhead” award on tonight’s O’Reilly Factor, and the worst attempt at “not gloating” on TV in some time.

Bill O’Reilly introduced his Pinhead of the Day award today with some bad news for CNN– “ratings are down 41% from Ms. [Campbell] Brown” since Sanchez took over (O’Reilly only calls him “the new guy”). As a result, he posits, there is some “venting going on about Fox News getting a front row seat at the White House.” O’Reilly proceeds to play the clip, and then laugh quietly at himself as he repeats several times, “I’m not going to gloat.” (Don’t believe him– he’s gloating).

Video below:

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