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Rick Sanchez Shows ‘Animal Crush Video’ That Supreme Court Ruled Is Legal

Today the Supreme Court struck down a law, 8-1, that prevented video footage of animal cruelty from being bought or sold. While the acts, such as dog fighting, are illegal themselves, marketing the footage no longer is. What kind of videos could you now legally buy on the market? How about this footage Rick Sanchez wants you to see of women crushing kittens to death with their stilettos?

Sanchez mercifully only shows the clips before the actual killing, with the women tossing kittens and rabbits about on their feet with their five-inch heels clearly visible. Remarkably, these videos are not only in demand in some markets, they are, essentially, a type of pornography– yes, there are people who get what Sanchez calls a “Freudian thrill” out of this. The Supreme Court ruled the trafficking legal since the videos are separate entities from the crime, which is already accounted for.

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