Rick Wilson: Even Folks in the WH Told Me ‘How Much They Hated’ Trump’s Handling of McCain


On Monday night, former GOP strategist Rick Wilson appeared on CNN and weighed in on President Donald Trump‘s reaction to the death of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

CNN host Don Lemon began by mocking the president’s crossed arms as the press repeatedly asked questions about the White House raising the flag shortly after lowering it at half staff in honor of the deceased Republican. And it wasn’t until Monday that Trump issued a statement praising McCain’s service to the country.

“For all of my various catalogues of objections to Donald Trump, he looks like a petulant child,” Wilson told Lemon. “It is beneath the office of the president. It is beneath the dignity of this country. And I guess we’re not shocked by it anymore, but it was so small and so petty and so trifling that even folks in the White House were reaching out to me and saying how much they hated what he was doing.”

When asked by Lemon if it was an “unforced error” in raising the flag so quickly, pro-Trump commentator Scott Jennings said the White House “turned a layup into a contested half-court shot for no reason whatsoever.”

“They turn these things that should be gimmes into indefensible moments and this is not a defensible moment,” Jennings said to Lemon. “I support the president, I want to see him succeed, but doing things like they did on this flag issue with McCain makes it real hard out there.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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