Rick Wilson: Trump May Have The Title of President, But He’s ‘Never Earned The Mantle of The Presidency’


On Wednesday night, Rick Wilson blasted President Donald Trump for his visit to Pittsburgh after the tragic synagogue shooting that took place last weekend.

Earlier in the day, the president shared a video on Twitter capturing his somber visit to the synagogue while trashing the media’s coverage of it. Critics accused the president of “celebrating” his own performance.

Wilson had some harsh words for the president.

“I make a lot of flippant remarks about this president because I believe a lot of the time he deserves mockery. In this case, the level of moral horror and outrage about him making the slaughter of 11 American Jewish citizens by an alt-right madman, by a murderer, making it all about him, making it — ‘oh, we were treated respectfully. Oh, the fake news.’ He can’t resist being the worst version of Trump,” Wilson told MSNBC anchor Brian Williams. “This is a man who — I say this a lot. He may have the title of president, but he has never earned the mantle of the presidency. He has never taken on the sacred duties of president. And one of those duties is to put the country before your own ego. And this was a perfect example of why I believe he’s unfit for this office and always has been. Because he went there and he essentially turned it into a photo op for himself, turned it into a campaign video. I don’t think anyone who saw that tweet today of good conscience could think anything but a sense of revulsion about it.”

Watch the clip about, via MSNBC.

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