Ricky Gervais And Jon Stewart Somehow End Up Debating Whether Nazis Are ‘Useless’

It’s always a party when Ricky Gervais drops by the Daily Show, but tonight was far more of a high end affair– at least as soon as Gervais called Jon Stewart and “intellectual” and the conversation veered toward the tragic story of Anne Frank. The two comics somehow ended up debating the logistics of Nazi anti-Jewish raids and, in the blink of an eye, moved on to Jesus.

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Gervais began by telling the story of a friend who “genuinely thought that Anne Frank just couldn’t pay rent,” and didn’t quite understand the whole Nazi persecution thing. Which led Gervais, who has been to Anne Frank’s house, to wonder how she wasn’t found for so long– “Nazis must be stupid.” Stewart then tried to explain that “They didn’t come in every day and go… you should read the book,” to which Gervais interjected, “That’s what I mean! She had time to write the book!” The two debated just how easy it was to notice human beings in the ceiling of a house until Gervais gave up listening– “say what you want, but I think the Nazis are useless,” as if expecting some sort of counterpoint on that. The two then had a few words on another famous Jewish person– Jesus, and how Gervais’ pal thought that, since carpenters didn’t work on Friday, “they couldn’t crucify him.”

The interview via Comedy Central below:

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