RNC Chair: ‘Only Things Shovel Ready Around Here Are The Words’ Coming From Obama, Biden

On Sean Hannity‘s show Tuesday night, Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus took aim at President Barack Obama‘s approach to campaigning, criticizing him for his negative rhetoric toward Mitt Romney and the Republicans. Obama’s “not real anymore,” he asserted.

Obama, Priebus said, “has a problem with the American dream.” Criticizing the Obama campaign’s glass-half-empty perspective, Priebus also noted that if Team Obama throws a punch, they’ll punch back with brass knuckles.

“At the end of the day, the only things shovel ready around here are the words coming out of Barack Obama’s and Joe Biden’s mouth,” he said.

Hannity then drew attention to the negative rhetoric from the Obama campaign, noting that given such attacks, Republicans will, of course, fight back. Priebus agreed, touting the way the RNC and Romney campaign have worked together, particularly when it comes to fundraising.

With the focus again on the “decency” of Obama’s campaigning, Priebus argued, “This operation is one of the most hateful, divisive operations that we’ve ever seen in this country. … He’s not a man of his word.”

Of all the things that will undo Obama, he said, “is that he’s not real anymore.” And America is “starving” for “real, authentic people that want to serve this country with a pure heart and make a difference.” Along the same lines, he elaborated on the Republican convention’s theme this time around: A better future.

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