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RNC Spokesman: Trump Was Just ‘Speaking Figuratively’ When He Predicted Riots

Sean SpicerRepublican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer brushed aside Donald Trump‘s warning that there would be riots if he failed to win the Republican nomination, saying the presidential candidate didn’t mean literal riots.

“I think you would have riots. I think you would have riots,” Trump told CNN’s Chris Cuomo earlier that morning. “…I think you would see problems like you’ve never seen before. I think bad things would happen. I really do.”

But Spicer dismissed those comments when asked about them Wednesday by CNN’s Carol Costello. “Well first of all, I assume he’s speaking figuratively,” he said. “I think if we go into a convention, whoever gets 1,237 delegates becomes the nominee.”

But Costello didn’t agree. “Sean, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I don’t think Mr. Trump was speaking figuratively. I don’t think he was. I think he was serious,” she said.

“Fine, then you should ask him, Carol,” Spicer responded. “I appreciate you trying to, you know, guess what he was saying.”

“The fact of the matter is it’s the left and the people on the left that have disrupted events, are trying to go in and undermine people’s First Amendment rights,” he argued.

Watch above, via CNN.

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