RNC Spox Kayleigh McEnany Defends Trump’s Tweet on Christine Ford: He Raised ‘A Very Real Question’


RNC spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany appeared on MSNBC this afternoon and defended President Donald Trump‘s tweet yesterday about Christine Blasey Ford.

Ford––who, following McEnany’s MSNBC appearance today, said through her lawyers she’s accepted the Senate Judiciary Committee’s request to tell her story––came forward on Sunday with sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. After a few days of people noting the President’s restraint, Trump tweeted this:

Anchor Alex Witt asked McEnany, “Kayleigh, did the president miss the mark with that tweet? I mean, do you understand why victims of sexual misconduct can be reluctant to file charges?”

McEnany said she certainly does, adding that “the President understands that too” and what his point is to ask “why after 36 years, did this just come up three days before a vote on Brett Kavanaugh?”

Witt asked, “You don’t think he was just dripping with sarcasm with that one? You know, ‘her or her loving parents’ bring forward the charges that he knows they must have filed. I mean, really? That tone? That was apparent to so many.”

“I really don’t think that it was in that sort of tone,” McEnany said. “I think he’s asking a very real question as to why this came out three days before… I don’t think you can discern a tone from a tweet.”

Peter Emerson, meanwhile, blasted Trump and said, “Challenging the veracity of a victim of sexual assault is not only despicable, it’s unethical, it’s immoral.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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