RNC’s Priebus: Clintons Being ‘Obnoxious,’ Giving Voters ‘Hillary Fatigue’

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus appeared on Meet the Press today to react to the recent news about the Clintons, and Priebus said the Clintons making themselves this public and basically running for 2016 already is giving voters “Hillary fatigue.” He also took on Hillary Clinton‘s recent wealth comments, saying no one’s objecting to them being well-off, it’s “how they earn their money, how they talk about their money” that’s a problem.

He mocked the idea that giving speeches all the time is hard work and said, “When you talk about being dead broke and when you try to make believe you understand how average people live but you made $105 million giving speeches, I think people are tired of this show.”

Priebus told Gregory the Clintons are already giving people “Hillary fatigue,” and beyond that they’re being “obnoxious” to the point where, he argued, Bill Clinton is hypocritically telling Dick Cheney not to share his thoughts on issues while Clinton does just that.

Watch the video below, via NBC:

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