Rob Porter’s Ex-Wife: ‘If He Hasn’t Already Been Abusive’ With Hope Hicks, ‘He Will Be’

This evening, CNN’s Anderson Cooper sat down with Jennie Willoughby, one of the ex-wives who accused ex-White House staffer Rob Porter of physically abusing them. During their interview, Willoughby expressed concern for the woman Porter is currently dating, White House communications director Hope Hicks.

Regarding questions about the shifting statements from the White House amid the reports of Porter’s history of abusive behavior, Willoughby stated that she genuinely felt White House Chief of Staff John Kelly believed the abuse was less than he believed until he saw published photographs. She noted that Porter likely minimized and spun it away when he couldn’t get a security clearance.

She further noted that Porter had contacted her in recent weeks and let her know some stories might be coming out, asking her to take down a blog post she wrote last year recounting their abusive marriage. (CNN’s Brooke Baldwin emotionally read the post aloud during her broadcast on Thursday.)

Cooper brought up Hicks and asked if she felt Porter has changed. Willoughby responded that she didn’t feel he had changed and that she is worried for Hicks.

“It definitely worries me because if I’m being frank with you, if he hasn’t already been abusive with Hope, he will be,” Particularly now that he’s under a lot of stress and scrutiny. That’s when the behaviors come out. If he hasn’t already, he will.”

She added that she didn’t think he has “done the self-reflective work to acknowledge this issue” and doesn’t know if he “has control over it.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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