Robby Mook Blasts GOP For Clinton Fixation: ‘My God! Just Let Hillary Clinton Go!’


On Thursday former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook tore into the Republican obsession with Hillary Clinton, and more specifically Clinton’s emails.

The Anderson Cooper: 360 panel began by discussing FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe reportedly backing up James Comey’s claim that President Donald Trump asked for loyalty. Things took a hard turn when former senior communications advisor for the Trump campaign, Jason Miller, brought up the GOP antagonist Hillary Clinton.

Mook slammed the GOP for continuing to talk about the Clintons instead of their own policies:

[T]he House Republicans are guilty of stepping on their own agenda. They just passed this tax bill and they can’t help but talk about Hillary Clinton and her e-mails. It is incredible to me. And they are defending a president who day-by-day looks more and more guilty.

Just let this investigation go on. Let Robert Mueller do his job, and get about legislating. I honestly, I am stunned sitting here. I think this tax bill is atrocious. I think they shouldn’t celebrate because they will lose the house because of it, but my God! just let Hillary Clinton go for a second and celebrate your own accomplishments!”

Wolf Blitzer, filling in for Anderson Cooper, directed the conversation away from the tangents, and back on course to discuss the FBI.

But it only took mere moments for the discussion to return to Hillary Clinton. CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin brought up the final days of the election when Comey announced that he would reopen the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails.

Sick and tired of the continued Clinton comments, Mook again expressed his distain. “Why in the world a year after the election are we relitigating this? This is all to distract from [potential] obstruction of justice [against Trump],” Mook said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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