Robby Mook Hits Trump Jr.’s Meeting with Russian Lawyer: When Do We Stop ‘Giving the Benefit of the Doubt?’

In light of the news about Donald Trump Jr., Hillary Clinton‘s former campaign manager wants to know how much longer Republican leaders will disregard any apparent ties between President Trump and Russia.

Robby Mook reacted on CNN to the revelations that the president’s son met with a Kremlin lawyer who promised him information that could help hurt Clinton. Mook argued that the list of questions about Trump and Russia continues to grow, and GOP congresspeople need to think about the policy implications for Trump’s warm relationship with Vladimir Putin.

“I think, in particular, Republican leaders in Congress need to start asking themselves at what point do we stop giving the benefit of the doubt here,” Mook asked. “Somebody needs to step up and say enough is enough and the Trump Administration has to clean house, it has to get rid of conflicts of interest, and somebody’s got to step in and make sure that our foreign policy is not being overtaken by Russian influence.”

Mook continued to say that the lawyer in question, Natalia Veselnitskaya‘s, relationship to the Kremlin and antagonism towards Clinton should have given the president’s campaign staff pause ahead of the meeting. Mook also stated it was “frightening” to consider how high-ranking members of the president’s orbit changed their story after claiming they never met with the Russians for campaign reasons.

Watch above, via CNN.

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