Robert Gibbs Baffles Keith Olbermann

On last night’s Countdown, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs left host Keith Olbermann shaking his head like a tourist who’d just lost his fun money in a game of 3-card monte.

At issue was the contradiction between the President’s call for the Senate not to push anything through in advance of Scott Brown‘s swearing in, and Gibbs’ assertion that the House voting on the Senate healthcare reform bill was still on the table. Gibbs explains, but Keith is still muttering about it long after the pre-taped interview.

Here’s Keith’s interview with Gibbs:

Not only did he talk about the “contradiction” while introducing the clip, he’s still wondering about it as his next segment starts:

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Of course, there’s an apparent difference between the letter of the President’s remark and the spirit, but he clearly says that the Senate shouldn’t jam anything through. As Gibbs points out, if the House votes on the bill that already passed the Senate, they’re not bypassing Brown. That is, unless Republicans send Brown back through a portal in time to vote on that bill. “Come with me if you want to scuttle healthcare reform!”

What’s funny to me is that Gibbs isn’t really employing any sleight of hand here. Olbermann just misses it. Maybe that’s part of the problem the President is starting to have with many on the left: they don’t seem to realize he’s a politician.

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