Robert Gibbs Calls Helen Thomas’ Comments ‘Offensive and Reprehensible’

During this morning’s White House Press Briefing, Robert Gibbs was asked to comment on the controversial remarks recently made by press corps legend Helen Thomas who said, among other things, that the “Jews should go back to Germany.” Mediaite’s own Tommy Christopher asked if President Obama had “any reaction to the controversy over Helen’s remarks?” Gibbs was clearly ready for the question and made clear that her comments did not reflect the opinion of the White House.

Helen Thomas has enjoyed legendary status in the Press Room, in part due to her deserved status as feminist pioneer as well as her notoriety for holding administration’s feet to the fire over issues and policies with which she disagrees. And while her friends in the press briefing room are likely torn over seeing thier friend endure this controversy (of her own making by the way) there is growing sentiment that she might lose her job over her comments.

Full transcript of Gibbs’ comments below.

Well, I have not spoken directly with him on that. I would say this, Tommy, I think that those comments were offensive and reprehensible. I think she should, and has apologized, because obviously those remarks do not reflect certainly the opinion, I assume, most of the people in here and certainly not of the administration.

Tommy Christopher will have an item published later on the current mood in the press room surrounding Thomas’ comments.

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