Robert Gibbs: Judge’s Ruling Has “No Practical Impact” On Health Care

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher pressed Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on whether Virginia federal judge Henry Hudson, a Bush-appointee had a conflict of interest that should have prevented him from deciding yesterday’s healthcare case. The alleged conflict relates to the judge’s investment in a Republican consulting firm that worked against health care reform. Gibbs, surprised at how narrowly the case was decided, was confident the decision would have “no practical impact at all as states move forward in . . . implementing the law that Congress passed and the President signed.”

Gibbs also stated that eleven cases challenging the constitutionality of some portion of the healthcare bill have already been dismissed, and that still two other federal courts upheld the same provision Hudson just deemed unconstitutional. Of greater concern than any potential conflict of interest, Gibbs seemed more troubled by the amount of media coverage this one decision was receiving. Gibbs concluded, “the notion . . . there is some historic crack in [the healthcare law] is not held up by what the judge actually ruled.”

Watch the video from C-Span below:

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