Rod Rosenstein Reportedly Leaving Justice Department After AG Confirmation Hearings


CNN’s Laura Jarrett reports that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will be leaving the Department of Justice as soon as William Barr gets confirmed as Attorney General. Rosenstein is a key figure in the investigation into possible collusion and conspiracy between Russia intelligence officials and the Trump campaign led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Rosenstein oversaw the Mueller investigation after former Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from overseeing an investigation into a campaign in which he played an active part. After an embattled turn in that role, Sessions stepped down at the end of last year and was replaced temporarily by Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General.

Trump nominated former Attorney General William Barr, who served during the Bush administration, to oversee the Department of Justice as AG under Trump. Confirmation hearings are set for next week, after which (presuming he is confirmed as expected) Rosenstein will leave the Department of Justice and Barr will ostensibly oversee the Mueller investigation that is nearing its second year looking into alleged malfeasance by the Trump campaign.

CNN’s New Day opened a show with breaking news, which you can watch above, via CNN.

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