Roger Stone Ally Jerome Corsi Abruptly Bails on NBC Interview After Lawyer’s Call With Special Counsel’s Office


NBC News reporter Anna Schecter was supposed to interview Jerome Corsi, the original birther and associate of Roger Stone (who is or was a Donald Trump insider), but at the last possible moment he bailed, after his lawyer got off the phone with Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s office and advised him not to do it.

Corsi announced on Monday that he expects to be indicted by Mueller, and Schecter was set to interview him about that. But after the phone call, his lawyer called it off. Schecter tweeted about the cancellation in the afternoon, and appeared on All In later Tuesday night to discuss it with host Chris Hayes.

Three tweets covered the cancellation in real time.

She explained in more detail in an article at NBC News. Corsi was headed her way at around 12:30 p.m. by car, when his lawyer David Gray, took the pre-arranged call with the special counsel’s office, Schecter explained. And that was the end of the interview plan.

Corsi was actually at the NBC studio, sitting in his car outside Rockefeller Center, when NBC got a text from Gray, which read “On advice of counsel, Dr. Corsi is cancelling today’s interview. No further comment.”

Gray also told Schecter that Corsi has been feeling “pressured by Mueller’s team to provide information that supported a certain storyline,” according to the report. “They’re only wanting to hear one thing and he can’t give them that one thing,” Gray told NBC News.

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