Roger Stone: Lyndon Johnson Defecated on a Toilet During WH Meetings, But Trump’s Crazy?!?


On Friday night, longtime Trump ally Roger Stone defended the president from critics questioning his mental fitness.

Stone claimed that because the “Russia collusion delusion has failed,” the Democrats and their “handmaidens in the media” have “switched to Plan B,” which is to claim that President Trump is “crazy” or “mentally ill.”

Laura Ingraham then pivoted to Michael Wolff‘s interview on The Today Show and his assertion that Steve Bannon told him that Trump has “lost it” because Trump has a tendency to repeat things.

“I’ve been around the president. I don’t- I mean, I repeat things!” Ingraham reacted. “I give speeches, I give the same anecdotes. But repeating things- do people have a stopwatch in there, Roger? This is just ridiculous!”

Stone said he wanted to give Bannon the “benefit of the doubt” due to Wolff’s “long history as a fabricator and a fictional writer” and denied Wolff’s assertion in the book that Trump didn’t want to win the presidency because Stone himself spoke with the candidate throughout the campaign and claimed Trump was “confident” that he was going to win the whole time.

He then painted quite the picture in defense of Trump.

“In Lyndon Johnson, we had a president who actually conducted White House meetings while sitting on the toilet defecating, but now they’re saying Trump is crazy?!” Stone continued. “Trump is the same, solid citizen he’s ever been. Yeah, he has his own style… and he used to win the greatest upset victory in American political history.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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