Roger Stone: Manhattan Madam Subpoena May Be Payback for Me Breaking InfoWars Story on Podesta


Roger Stone has a novel theory about why Special Counsel Robert Mueller is issuing a subpoena to his self-described friend Manhattan Madam Kristen Davis.

He thinks it may all be payback for an InfoWars story he broke on Tony Podesta.

Speaking to Anderson Cooper on CNN, Stone was asked about the news — first reported by TMZ — that the Mueller probe wants to talk to Davis.

The Trump and Manhattan Madam associate started off by defending himself for his mention in the indictment of 12 Russian officials before moving on to praise of Davis, who even named him as her kid’s godfather.

“First of all, last week’s indictments I think made pretty clear I had no advanced notice of the alleged hacking of the DNC, received no materials from Guccifer 2, the Russians or anyone else, passed no material on to Donald Trump or Wikileaks or Julian Assange or anyone else,” he began.

Then turning to Davis, he said: “Now, Kristin Davis is a good friend of mine. She’s a brilliant woman who has paid her debt to society. I always thought it was unfair that she went to prison after the fall of Eliot Spitzer and he went to CNN to host a TV show. She has remade her life.”

Cooper then tried to get Stone to say why he thought Mueller wanted to talk to Davis, who also worked on his websites and did clerical work for him.

Stone replied that Mueller already has “full access” to his emails, suggesting that was not the reason although he did seem to think it was likely the subpoena had something to with him.

Then, he offered his rather unusual theory of what he speculated might really be going on.

“In my view, in all honesty, this is a phishing expedition,” Stone opined. “Perhaps it is the payback for the fact that I broke the story yesterday on InfoWars that Tony Podesta has been — that the special counsel has asked for immunity for him in the Manafort investigation or the Manafort prosecution. I know that has not yet been reported on CNN, but I reported it yesterday at InfoWars. I have multiple sources. Fox has also reported it. I believe it to be true. Perhaps this is payback for that.”

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