Roland Martin Gets Into Fiery Shouting Matches with Callers Over Grayson’s KKK-Tea Party Email


On Thursday afternoon, radio host Roland Martin got in a series of heated debates with callers who agreed with Rep. Alan Grayson‘s decision to liken the tea party movement to the Ku Klux Klan.

Martin asserted at the top of the segment that he thinks Grayson’s email derails any sort of meaningful conversation between both sides. “To brand the tea party as the same as the KKK is wrong,” he said. “I think it’s wrong when the left does it, I think it’s wrong when the right does it.”

One caller, identified as “Walter in Washington, D.C.,” told Martin he completely concurs with Grayson. “[Tea partiers] are a joke,” he said. “They have nothing but racist contempt for the president.” The caller added that the tea party has been “pimped by corporate America” to represent moneyed interests as opposed to “limited government.”

Walter began shouting, at one point, that former RNC chairman Michael Steele never appears on Fox because the network banned him for being an “independent Negro.” According to the caller, Steele represents a “conservative Negro getting his comeuppance by his white master.”

After calming the caller down, Martin pointed out that Steele signed an exclusive contract with MSNBC, and thus he doesn’t appear on other networks like the more right-leaning Fox.

In another segment, Martin spoke to a caller named “Baba” from Baltimore who insisted that the tea party is racist because of examples like former Congressman Robert Ehrlich (R-MD) voting against “every single piece of civil rights legislation.”

“You believe it is fair and just to say the tea party is the same as the KKK?” Martin asked.

“When you use the Confederate flag or come to events armed and whatnot, then I can speculate that,” Baba replied.

Martin pointed out that he once covered a rally where New Black Panther members were armed with shotguns. “So if black people were armed, if Hispanic people were armed, are they then associated with the KKK?” the radio host asked. “Just because they have arms doesn’t mean they’re with the KKK.”

“It’s my opinion, Roland!” the caller shouted, with Martin telling him flatout that it is “wrong.”

Things got a bit tenser when Baba called Martin a “negro” and proceeded to lambast “House Negroes” who have supported Republicans, a point which the radio host said “made no sense whatsoever.”

Martin later made the point that his fellow black Americans would “hate it” if “the right-wing” spotted a few Black Panthers at an NAACP rally and then said the entire organization is a “hate group.”

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