Roland Martin Has Perfect Answer For Trump’s ‘Democrats Aren’t Helping Cities’ Talking Point


For the past two weeks, the news media has dutifully been covering something it calls “black outreach” by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, but which is really just outreach to white people by talking about black people. One of the right’s longstanding criticisms/”observations” has been that black people continue to vote for Democrats even though Democratic policies have not resulted in prosperity in cities like Detroit and Baltimore, a criticism that NewsOne Now‘s Roland Martin debunked in fairly short order Tuesday morning.

Roland was interviewing pro-Trump Pastor Mark Burns about his support of Trump, and called Republicans out for thinking “black folks are dumb, as if we don’t make smart choices, as if we’re not making informed choices.”

surprisingly got Burns to agree that the Republican Party has, in fact, “ignored black voters en masse.” but Pastor Burns retorted that black voters aren’t being offered a choice:

Pastor Burns: The policies within the Democratic Party… it is race-specific, but it is not creating the wealth and prosperity, as a group, as it should be.

Roland Martin: But here’s the deal though, I get that point, but again, there’s a lot of broke white folks in this country who also keep voting for Republicans.

Roland is correct that, despite continued white poverty in rural areas, rural white voters continue to favor Republicans, which means they’re either voting against their own interests, or they’re not being offered Democratic policies that interest them. How about that?

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