Roland Martin: Trump’s ‘Aligning Himself With Nazis’ is ‘Shameful and Should Not Go Unchecked’

President Donald Trump raised a LOT of eyebrows yesterday when he blamed “both sides” involved in the deadly Nazi protest in Charlottesville this weekend, and defended the “innocent protests” of the White Supremacists and blamed the counter-protestors for not having a permit.

But no one’s eyebrows might be higher than TVOne’s Roland Martin who expressed his reasonable outrage directed at a White House that, in his words, has “aligned with Nazis” and should not go unchecked.

In an impassioned take down of a respected thought leader from the worlds of media, news and African-American issues, Martin’s rhetoric should be heard by individuals on all sides of this issue as they represent what many people believe, regardless of race, religion or creed.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of TVOne.

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