Romney Hammers Obama for ‘Unmitigated Mess’ of Obamacare: People Don’t Trust Him Anymore

Mitt Romney joined Megyn Kelly on Thursday night to take on the continuing problems and delays with Obamacare. Kelly reminded viewers that Romney warned about the problems with the health care law as far back as 2012, and tonight Romney said that the “breach of that promise” that people could keep their doctors and plans if they liked them has lost Obama the “confidence of the people” and “eroded the president’s capacity to lead.”

Kelly brought up a Fox News poll showing 90 percent of Americans have little to no hope Obamacare will help them, and asked Romney about all the delays to the law. He said it’s been an “unmitigated mess” so far and the fact that the president is ordering so many mandate delays is “explicit recognition that the law isn’t working.”

On the more political side of things, Kelly asked Romney if he would consider taking on the GOP mantle for a second time in 2016. Romney issued a very hearty denial, though he did advise whoever does run for president in 2016 to start getting the message out early “before the Democrats can vilify you.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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