Romney Mocks Filmmaker’s Nonexistent Critique Of Obama, Suggests Talking To The Millions Unemployed

On Thursday night Piers Morgan was surprised that Davis Guggenheim, the brain behind the pro-Barack Obama documentary The Road We’ve Traveled, couldn’t find fault with President Obama. Well, he’s not the only one. Speaking to supporters on Friday, Mitt Romney mocked Guggenheim’s response on Piers Morgan Tonight, and deemed the documentary an “infomercial.”

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“I guess there’s a new infomercial out,” Romney told the crowd. “They’re calling it a documentary, I don’t think so. And the person who produced it, he said, boy it was really hard putting this together. […] He said, because I couldn’t find any faults with the president. I could find nothing he’d done wrong. So how can I put together a film, because it showed only one side, a positive side.”

Well, Romney “has some suggestions” for Guggenheim and the president. “Talk to the 24 million Americans that are out of work or underemployed,” he said to approving applause. “And how about our soldiers coming home that can’t find work? You can talk to them as well.”

If someone’s looking for things the president’s done wrong, Romney “has a long, long, long list.”

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