Elisabeth Hasselbeck Compares Mitt Romney At The NAACP To Brett Favre At A Vikings Game

On Thursday, The View turned its attention to Mitt Romney’s recent appearance before the NAACP, where he vowed to repeal “ObamaCare” to raucous boos from the crowd (and to be fair, in the clip it doesn’t really look like he expected anything else). Once again, this led to Elisabeth Hasselbeck twisting herself into knots trying to find a flattering explanation for the incident.

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Whoopi Goldberg’s take was that, while it’s not a great look to boo people, Romney had to know that it would be an unpopular thing to say given that a healthy majority of African-American voters approve of the health care legislation. Sherri Shepherd likened it to someone coming to her church to tell her that Jesus isn’t real, a sentiment that she said she would boo without hesitation. Joy Behar thought that the speech was actually a dog whistle to Romney’s base, a move designed to show how tough he is as a candidate, and that he isn’t afraid to voice unpopular opinions. Elisabeth Hasselbeck thought that this was just like when fans used to boo Brett Favre whenever he played the Vikings — because they were “brats” who were upset that he was “the better guy for the job.” Sure!

You can see the clip here via ABC:

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