Romney, Paul Ryan To Appear For First Joint Interview On 60 Minutes Tonight

Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan will be appearing on 60 Minutes on Sunday for their first joint interview.

CBS said the interview will be broadcast on Sunday evening, just a few hours after taping. 60 Minutes is the country’s most popular news program.

The New York TimesBrian Stelter notes that the same-day turnaround for the interview is unusual, but it’s “logical” for both the candidates and the network:

The campaign has an opportunity to reach tens of millions of viewers just one day after announcing the selection of Mr. Ryan as Mr. Romney’s running mate, thereby creating another news peg for its rollout of what it has dubbed “America’s Comeback Team.” And CBS, with “60 Minutes,” has the shelf space for the interview on its schedule.

The interview will not take up the entire hour of the show (which is currently on vacation and showing reruns).

Stelter notes that President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden had similarly chosen 60 Minutes for their interview after the announcement of Biden as Obama’s running mate.


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