Ron Brownstein on Trump Jr: ‘Transparency at the Point of a Gun’

“I applaud his transparency,” President Donald Trump said (via statement) of his son, Donald Trump Jr. This came after the younger Trump released an email chain documenting the setup of a meeting with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Appearing on The Situation Room Tuesday, panelist Ron Brownstein dismissed the idea that Trump Jr. was forthright as utter nonsense.

“It was transparency at the point of a gun,” Brownstein said. “And after several earlier versions of the story that were flat out misleading, if not lies.”

Brownstein added that Trump Jr. and others involved with this meeting and the Russia probe at large will, soon, not have a choice about whether to be transparent. It is likely that the key figures will be summoned to appear before special counsel Robert Mueller and possibly several Congressional Committees. And Brownstein suspects that stories might change going forward as a result.

“Ultimately, as I said, everyone involved almost certainly now is going to testify under oath,” Brownstein said. “And when that happens, my guess is the portrayal of this meeting and others will look different than it does today.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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