Ron Paul: I Don’t Brag I Can Run Things Since ‘That’s Not What A President Is Supposed To Do’

Republican Congressman Ron Paul is being taken more seriously this time around as a presidential candidate, a fact Chris Wallace admits in his interview with Paul today on Fox News Sunday. Yet Wallace asks whether some issues, like Paul’s opposition to the Federal government helping flood victims and the legalization of certain drugs, are topics which might keep Paul from being supported more widely?

Paul also provided some insight into his unique experience and perspective on the position of the President:

“I don’t want to run people’s lives around the world and run the economy. So my qualifications are a little bit different. But compared to others, I would say I’m pretty well-equipped. I’ve had a fair amount of experience. I’ve been in the military. I was in the military five years, that gives me a little bit of experience. So I would say I’m pretty well equipped. But to brag that I can run things, I don’t do that because that’s not what a President is supposed to do.”

Instead, Paul urges that he would be the best candidate to protect and defend individual liberty. Whether such theoretical arguments can win over more Republican primary voters this time for Paul remains to be seen, yet as some argue this is the weakest field possible, Paul clinching the Republican nomination might not be so far-fetched of an idea.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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