Ron Paul On GOP Field: ‘I Don’t Think Any One Would Be A Lot Better’ Than Obama On Important Issues

Shortly after finding out he had finished in second place in the Maine caucuses — 194 votes behind Mitt RomneyRon Paul was a guest on CNN, and told Wolf Blitzer that, despite not finishing in first place, he felt he still, “had a pretty good day.”

Blitzer asked Paul what his plans were looking ahead, and Paul wasn’t sure, saying that the plan was to compete in caucus states and grab delegates, instead of trying to compete in winner-take-all primary states like Florida, where he would have had to spend an estimated $25 million to have a shot. “Not a wise choice of spending money,” Paul said. He added that if the contest awards “proportional” delegates, he would campaign there.

On the topic of Mitt Romney, Paul said that while Romney seems like the front runner, he’s lacking an important element. “He just doesn’t have the enthusiasm that we are able to have in our crowds.” Paul said. “That’s his biggest problem. But I would say, yes, he’s out in front.”

Paul did offer some insight on how he feels about his fellow contenders, telling Blitzer that he sees them as being all very similar, but mentioned that he’s known Romney the longest. “So he seems to be friendlier,” Paul said.

However, when Blitzer asked Paul if any of the GOP field would be better than President Obama if they’re elected, Paul said he wasn’t fully sold.

“I think they’d all be better on taxes,” he said. “No, I don’t think any one would be a lot better. That’s my problem and that’s the problem with the country. When you put people in office — you put a Democrat in, he acts like a republican too much, and when you put a Republican in, they act like a Democrat and they spend too much money. So I just don’t see a whole lot of difference with them.

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