Ron Paul Responds To Jack Welch’s Call To Leave The Race

Republican hopeful Ron Paul stopped by John King USA and hit back at former GE CEO Jack Welch who earlier called for him to step down from the race. “The former GE CEO Jack Welsh doesn’t think you’ll win the nomination but he also says the Republican Party better be careful. Do you feel the party’s treating you well, sir?” “I think they’re making an attempt to do so. And I think he has something going there,” Paul observed. “But the part of that interview you should have reported on was his wife saying that their four boys all supported me. So that was the magnificent part of that interview and maybe tonight he’s going to have to discuss it with his sons why he wants me to get out of the race!”

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Earlier Friday, in an interview with Soledad O’Brien, Jack’s wife Suzy said, “You know, Ron Paul’s followers are not party regulars. He’s not a party regular. He really has these very, very impassioned followers. All four of our children are huge Ron Paul followers. So we’re living with this.”

Watch Paul respond to Welch below via CNN:

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