Ron Paul Tells Piers Morgan It’s ‘Too Soon To Write People Off’

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul appeared on Piers Morgan‘s program last night, where he was asked by the CNN host why he doesn’t “just do the decent thing and pull out” of the GOP race.

Paul chuckled. “Why don’t you do the decent thing and not pester me with silly questions like that?” he asked Morgan. “That would be decent of you.”

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When Morgan brought up polling results, Paul told Morgan that he is actually doing quite well when it comes to picking up delegates, pointing out that many states are still “working through the process.”

“It’s way too soon for you to write anybody off,” he added, unwilling to throw in the proverbial towel simply because some believe Romney is the de facto choice.

“I don’t want you to throw in the towel,” Morgan insisted. “You’re a national treasure in this country.”

Have a look, via CNN:

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