Ron Paul To Perry On Gaffe: Happens To Everybody, Just Not In Front Of 4 Million People

Ron Paul To Perry On Gaffe: Happens To Everybody, Just Not In Front Of 4 Mil People

This is a moment unworthy of any traditional classification. Before the CBS News debate last night, Rick Perry joked around with his fellow candidates in what can only be described as the Republican party version of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s almost frightening to see these candidates talking so casually to each other (My God, they’re human beings!), and whatever tension existed between them was immediately deflated by Perry sharing a funny moment he had with fellow Texan Ron Paul after his amazingly awkward moment at last Wednesday’s CNBC debate.

As all the candidates convened backstage prior to last night’s debate, Perry was shaking hands with his rivals and acting rather friendly with Rick Santorum. Perry joked that if he needed a lifeline, he would look to his fellow Rick for assistance, which was followed by the most hilarious high-five ever.

Then Perry turned to Paul (whom Perry referred to as “the doc”), and explained how after forgetting which federal agency he would cut, the congressman whispered to him, “That’s happened to everybody… most of us just haven’t done it in front of 4 million people.” Paul laughed and admitted he was just trying to make Perry feel better.

Watch the video below, courtesy of CBS:

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