Ron Paul Won’t Support Christie in 2016: ‘He’s a Big Government Person’

During an interview with Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Network Monday evening, former Texas congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul came to the defense of his son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, in his skirmish against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, saying he would not support Christie even if the governor were the 2016 nominee.

“It’s safe to say” I’m not a fan of Christie, Paul told Cavuto, though he added: “I think it was a significant debate, one person blasting those of us who believe in liberty, and saying that you shouldn’t be that critical of the government—that is significant.”

Cavuto asked Paul if the former Congressman would support Christie as the 2016 GOP nominee. “He’s not going to have a change of heart,” Paul said. He’s a big government person. If it were going to be similar to the last go-around, I couldn’t endorse our candidate.”

“I want to change things,” Paul said, referring to the Republican Party at large. “I don’t think we’re doing well.”

Watch the full clip below, via Fox Business Network:

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Image via Fox Business Network

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