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Ronan Farrow Compares His Dating Life to Schindler’s List Because He’s Super Smart

Boy genius and MSNBC host Ronan Farrow wants you to know his dating life is like a harrowing Holocaust film, and his business meetings tend to play out like a classic French coming of age film.

The man to whom MSNBC gave a show because of his social media savvy made the comparison on his Twitter account Monday evening, stunning us all with his hilarious wit and undeniable charm:

Ah, yes. His dating life is like a gruesome, three-hour film about a German businessman who witnesses mass extermination of Jews and sets out to rescue a bunch; and his business meetings are like a postmodern French film about two girls who explore their sexuality and class differences.

Get it?! If you don’t, you’re probably just not social media savvy enough to understand.

Or maybe it’s a sort of analogy he picked up while working at the State Department, in which case most civilians likely won’t understand it. Oh, did you know Ronan Farrow worked at State? No? Well, allow him to remind you.

(And to answer your question, Ronan: No, you’re doing nothing wrong. Keep wowing us with your super smarts!)

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