Ronan Farrow: New Kavanaugh Accuser Came Forward Because Democrats ‘Came Looking’

Ronan Farrow’s run of bombshell reports continued over the weekend when the New Yorker published an article (co-authored with Jane Mayer) that detailed new allegations of sexual misconduct of embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. These new charges come to light while the Senate Judiciary Committee had been negotiating details surrounding public testimony of Dr. Christine Ford who had been at the center of previous allegations that are threatening to derail the Trump appointee’s confirmation.

Republican critics have suggested that the Democrats have done everything they can to delay and stall a vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination, perhaps in hopes that other accusers would step forward. In an appearance on Good Morning America today, Farrow did little to dispel that skeptical claim, saying that the new accusation came to light after Senate Democrats went looking for this claim.

A rough transcript of the interview:

STEPHANOPOLOS: “This jumped out at me. You said at first she wasn’t sure if this was Kavanaugh last week, and you write after six days of carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorneys she did become confident that it was him.”

FARROW: “And I would say that’s extremely typical with these stories when you are dealing with drama and alcohol. The more caution that I have dealt with in cases like this frequently say, I want to take time and search myself and make sure that I can affirmatively stand by these claims in the face of what she knew would be a crucible of partisan pushback which is what she is receiving now.”

STEPHANOPOLOS: “Why did she come forward?”

FARROW: “She came forward because Senate Democrats came looking for this claim. She did not flag this. This came to the attention of people on the hill independently, and it has co cornered her into an awkward position. She said, point-blank, I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life, but she feels this is a serious claim. She considers her own memories credible and she felt it was important to tell her own story before others did for her.”

Watch the exchange above, courtesy of ABC News.

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