Ronan Farrow Swipes NBC: Anyone With ‘Damning Evidence’ of Criminal Activity ‘Needs to Run It’


On Friday night, Ronan Farrow appeared on The Late Show and talked about his bombshell report on disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein.

When asked by Stephen Colbert if he had any idea that the national dialogue would go behind the Weinstein scandal, Farrow told him that the “movement” of women coming forward from various industries was something he “never could have counted on.”

Farrow shared how numerous people questioned his pursuit of the story and Weinstein’s threat of taking legal action, but he saw it as a “public safety issue” that needed to be investigated.

Colbert then pressed him on the controversy surrounding his employer NBC News spiking the story, which led him to publish the exposé to The New Yorker.

“How much sooner would you have been able to talk about this if NBC had broadcasted it?” Colbert asked.

Farrow dodged the question, keeping his focus on the hundreds of women coming out with their accusations of sexual harassment.

“So July?” Colbert quipped.

Farrow laughed, but Colbert insisted that “part of the story is the story not being told for so long.”

“He’s a tough interviewer,” Farrow joked to the audience. “Here’s what I would say on that; it’s very clear when you look at this story and how long it stayed quiet that it is of the utmost importance that any news organization that has damning evidence of ongoing criminal activity needs to run that, needs to investigate it and interrogate it and run it. And that’s what I’ll say about that.”

When asked about the third article Farrow is working on, he hinted that the “machine” that kept the sexual harassment under wraps for so long would be the focus.

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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