Ronan Farrow’s Awkwardly Condescending Exchange with Black Teen

As we’ve written here many times before, Ronan Farrow‘s MSNBC show is something to behold: An awkward mess of obvious inexperience, nepotism, self-congratulatory sanctimony, and preening condescension. Today’s edition of the program showcased the lattermost element.

Farrow interviewed 13-year-old Malik Bryant from the gang-plagued Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. Bryant is a guest of First Lady Michelle Obama for tonight’s State of the Union address because he wrote a heart-wrenching letter to Santa Claus asking for “safety” while living in one of the Windy City’s most dangerous areas.

The first 3/4ths of the conversation was your standard fare cable news interview between awkward TV host and young person: Lots of overeager questions with one- or two-word answers in return. Bryant is obviously a bit shy.

But then came this final exchange, which — if you studied anything about colonialism in college — evokes The White Man’s Burden:

FARROW: Does this experience, Malik, make you want to solve that problem yourself — get into politics or lead in some other way, run for mayor, maybe?

BRYANT: [Pause] Like, I ain’t really into that. I’m, like, into sports.

FARROW: [Pause] Well, that is another promising way to go and, ladies and gentlemen in the audience, this is the problem: All of the good ones don’t want to go into politics. Malik Bryant, I so appreciate you taking time to join us. And I hope you have a great time tonight.


FARROW: And that’s a fine suit, sir.

Yes, the problem is that all the “good ones,” as designated by Ronan Farrow, don’t want to go into politics, which, as we all know, is literally the only way to make positive change in this world.

And then the suit comment. Cringe.

Watch below, via MSNBC:

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