Rose McGowan: I’ve Launched a ‘Complete Social Engineering Project’


While promoting her new book Brave, Rose McGowan stopped by The Daily Show to talk about the movement she helped start last fall when she came forward against Harvey Weinstein.

When asked by Trevor Noah if she was “proud” of what she has done, McGowan responded by telling him that it “doesn’t feel finished.”

“It’s very intense. It’s a very strange feeling,” McGowan said. “It’s a very strange sensation.”

She explained to Noah that she’s been targeted since going public with her allegations, from a “plant” disrupting a recent book reading to Russian “bots” attacking her and her followers on Twitter. She also took aim at her alleged rapist.

“The funniest part to me, in the abstract of funny, is that he just hired a new crisis management team,” McGowan continued. “I mean, I don’t want to say, ‘Save your money, international rapist,’ but ‘save your money, international rapist!’ C’mon, let’s be real. Just leave me alone.”

In the end, McGowan said she hopes that society will be “10% better” for everybody.

“If we are 10% more human actually and just connect a few more dots from every level of consciousness, people will actually drive faster on the freeway. There’s my ultimate goal, people don’t realize. It’s a nefarious thing. I like driving fast. People seem to be a little slow. Let’s go faster,” McGowan elaborated. “And I think if I can hot-wire a car, which I know how to do, I could hot-wire society. So that’s what I’ve done. This is actually a takeover. This is a complete social engineering project I’ve just launched on my own because what else was I doing? Might as well. Literally, might as well. Can I change the world? Okay.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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