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Roseanne Barr Tells Hannity How Mental Illness, Ambien and Lack of Vitamins Put Her in a Dark Place

In the second installment of Roseanne Barr‘s one-on-one with Sean Hannity, the disgraced sitcom star who had her show yanked from the air after an offensive tweet, talked about how her mental illness, Ambien dependence and a lack of vitamins contributed to putting her in a dark place.

Hannity started by asked Barr about having multiple personality disorders, asking “Was that like having voices?”

Barr said it was not. That was schizophrenia.

Then after talking about waking up in places unsure why she is there, she said this: “It was scary. I told ABC, I don’t feel that I am in a good mentally balanced place. Because I had been working way too many weeks and going on promotions and crossing from Hawaii to New York. I became Ambien dependent. A lot of people had problems with it… I am one of them.”

She also told Hannity that she had told ABC that she needed to have her meds checked.

“You knew were going to a dark place?” Hannity asked.

Barr replied by noting her vitamins were depleted.

“I knew I wasn’t keeping up,” she said. “This a whole other subject. You know, I don’t absorb vitamins. I found out I was really depleted. And that affects your mental health.”

Barr then stressed to the sympathetic Fox News host that she really wanted the show so badly she worked herself “almost to the end.”

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