Rosie Perez Makes a Stirring Plea For Aid to Puerto Rico: ‘We Need to Wake Up, America!’

Actress Rosie Perez paid a visit to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin to beg Americans to help Puerto Rico after the death toll from Hurricane Maria was revealed to be thousands more than was initially reported by the federal government.

“It broke my heart that Roseanne Barr was the topic of social media and not the 4,600 deaths in Puerto Rico,” Perez said. “You know, it begs the question: who are we as Americans? What are we becoming as Americans, that we do not concentrate on our fellow Americans who are suffering, suffering endlessly in Puerto Rico and, as you stated, tomorrow is hurricane season. And the island is not prepared.”

“Officials have been warning the residents of Puerto Rico to begin to stockpile on supplies that will last them up to ten days or more, just in case a category five hurricane comes and hits,” she continued. “Now, there was $17.5 billion finally that the federal government has sent down there. $3.8 billion of that was sent to repair the electrical system, the infrastructure, and it’s collapsing. And they say that if the hurricane does come, it will 100% collapse and the island will be without power once again.”

“You’re the second person I’ve talked to in the last 24 hours who said Puerto Rico is not prepared,” Baldwin said.

“You talk about how you’re upset this hasn’t dominated social media?” she later went on. “How about with these new numbers… the president has remained totally silent. To that you say what?”

“He has remained totally silent yet but he is still tweeting about Roseanne Barr,” Perez replied. “We need to wake up, America. These are our fellow citizens. They are American citizens. These are our neighbors. And we’re treating them like complete crap. We must take care of them. We have to take care of each other. The moral compass of America is just going down and it’s so troubling and people are dying because of it.”

“Only $21,000 of federal aid were sent to residents of Puerto Rico to repair their homes, okay? That is… it’s disgusting and it’s painful,” she added.

“I really came on your show not to really complain about that man in the White House,” Perez clarified. “I really came on your show, Brooke, to beg Americans to please help your fellow Americans that are down in Puerto Rico. Hurricane season starts tomorrow. We need your help.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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