Round 2: TYT Hosts and Eric Bolling Battle It Out on Socialism Outside Dem Debate Venue

Eric Bolling already had one contentious encounter with The Young Turks this week, but just like the Democrats needed two debates to give their candidates a platform, he and the progressive commentators required another tussle to hash out their differences.

The conversation started with Bolling and Cenk Uygur resuming their argument on whether various Northern European nations qualify as countries that thrived with socialist governments. This consisted of Uygur once again accusing Bolling of erroneously conflating communism and Democratic socialism.

Bolling, at one point, pressed Uygur on “how in the world” can America pay for universal free healthcare. This led to a head-to-head on whether competition brings prices down, or if healthcare needs to be socialized because private insurance companies raise prices too high for some people to afford essential treatment.

Uygur argued that the current system allows people to suffer from health woes when they don’t have insurance. Bolling countered by claiming that a free Medicare system would force talented doctors to make less money — but Uygur insisted that doctors in countries with socialized medicine “still make a great profit,” and he rejected the idea that the system would promote lesser-quality doctors and care.

“There’s not a single country that has public health insurance that has a shortage of doctors,” Uygur argued.

“Because they pay them more,” Bolling replied.

“If that was true, no doctor would take Medicare and Medicaid,” Uygur said.

Watch all of this and more, via The Young Turks.

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