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Rove Warns of ‘Democratic Cash Advantage’ over GOP in Midterms

It’s a nice life, when on one political show Newt Gingrich can tout the RNC’s fundraising victory over the DNC while GOP strategist Karl Rove can fret on another network about the Democrats’ “cash advantage” heading into the midterms.

“It’s gonna be a very close contest,” Rove said. “The one advantage the Democrats have is a big cash advantage. Between Labor Day and election day, they have booked $107 million in television advertising. Republicans have $25 million less.”

Democratic strategist Joe Trippi agreed. “If Democrats hold [Senate losses] to five seats, it will be because of a money advantage, and also being able to use the Obama get out the vote methods that were perfected in 2012,” he said. “If they can actually generate that, there’s a chance they do have a miracle, and stp the Republicans from taking the Senate.”

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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