Rubio Doubles Down on Cruz Attacks: ‘Disturbing’ How Much He Lies

rubioMarco Rubio got a little personal at last night’s debate when he called Ted Cruz a liar who doesn’t speak Spanish. Well, on CNN this morning he doubled down.

State of the Union guest host Dana Bash asked Rubio, “Were you calling into question whether or not Senator Cruz is a real Latino?”

Rubio said, “No, I was calling into question whether he even knows what I’m saying.”

He insisted that Cruz never actually understood what he said in a Spanish-language interview, “he’s just going off what other people are telling him. It’s just false, it’s not true.”

Rubio repeatedly said it’s “very disturbing” how much Cruz has been lying about so many things on the campaign trail, especially Rubio’s own positions.

When Bash asked him if he’s really calling Cruz a liar, Rubio insisted, “On this campaign, he is saying things that are not true and he’s saying it repeatedly.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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