Rubio Mockingly Compares ObamaCare To New Coke: At Least Coca-Cola Realized People Hated It


The fight over ObamaCare continues in Congress, and today Florida senator Marco Rubio drew an analogy between the relative unpopularity of the health care law and a widely unpopular product that was so disliked the company that made it had to stop production and go back to the classics. Yes, Rubio thought ObamaCare could take a lesson in public relations from Coca-Cola during the infamous New Coke disaster of the 1980s.

Rubio said on the Senate floor today that the health care law’s backers should “not continue to double and triple down on this thing,” and proceeded to explain what New Coke was and how much of a “disaster” it created for Coca-Cola. New Coke is one of the biggest product backfires of all time, and drew an analogy between the backlash to that product and the new health care law.

“What did Coca-Cola do when New Coke began to flounder? They didn’t say, ‘Well, we’re just gonna continue to make more of it.’ They backed away from it. They went back to the original formula. They learned from their mistake, and they didn’t double down. That’s the way it is in the real world. That’s the way it is in our lives, and that’s the way it is in the private sector, but not government! Not Washington!”

Several recent polls have shown a little over a third of the public wants Obamacare repealed, so it’s not quite at “give me the original recipe or I will burn the factories” outrage level yet.

Watch Rubio’s remarks below, via C-SPAN:


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