Rubio on Polls Showing Him Down in Florida: ‘Those Are Not Accurate Numbers’

mrRepublican presidential candidate Marco Rubio dismissed concerns about his chances in Florida Wednesday morning, saying on Fox News that polling showing him down by double digits simply wasn’t accurate.

Host Martha McCallum pointed out that some polls have Rubio down by as much as 19 points in Florida. “Can you guarantee you will win Florida?” she asked. “What is your path to making up lost territory?”

“I don’t believe it is lost territory,” Rubio responded. “Florida is a unique place to poll for a bunch of different reasons, including a significant number of Republican voters in South Florida who get the majority of their information in Spanish. Cuban-American Republicans are over 10% of the whole electorate.”

“Look, Florida, those are not accurate numbers you have seen,” he said. “We have our own numbers, I think we will see other numbers that will show the same. It’s going to be close, but we know how to win in Florida and we will.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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