Rubio Slams Christie on Guns: ‘Welcome to the 2nd Amendment Supporter Club’


While Donald Trump and Ted Cruz continue to duke it out at the top of the national and state polls, things are getting ugly between the middle-tier Republican establishment candidates. That includes Marco Rubio and Chris Christie, who have been crossing swords frequently of late. On the heels of President Obama‘s CNN-hosted town hall meeting on gun violence, Rubio once again hit Christie on his record of support for gun control during an appearance on Friday morning’s Fox and Friends.

In a live interview from what appears to be the world’s most depressing Pier 1 Imports, Rubio was asked to respond to Christie’s hurt feelings over Rubio’s decision to attack him. Rubio responded that it wasn’t personal, it’s just that Chris Christie is a disaster of a human being:

Rubio: I just honestly don’t believe that the next president of the United States, and the Republican nominee, should be someone like Chris Christie who supports common core, who has personally donated to Planned Parenthood, who got into politics to begin with in order to pass gun control.

Steve Doocy: You just mentioned Chris Christie and gun control. I heard him say yesterday, I believe up in New Hampshire, that over the years he’s changed his mind. Isn’t it okay to change your mind?

Rubio: It is. But — sure, welcome to the Second Amendment Supporter Club, I suppose. But bottom line is what is your record on this issue? Can you be trusted in the long term on an issue that you only changed your position on when you decided to run for president?

Despite Christie’s attempts to lie his way out of it, Rubio’s got him dead to rights. Christie’s line is that he’s learned a lot since he was “31 years old,” but his support for gun control, even the assault weapons ban, extends to the much more recent past. Here’s Christie in 2009 trying to keep it ambiguous with Sean Hannity:

Christie: “I favor some of the gun control measures we have in New Jersey…”

Hannity: “Bad idea.”

Christie: “We have a densely populated state and there’s a big handgun problem in New Jersey. Now, I don’t support all the things that the governor supports, by a long stretch. But on certain gun control issues, looking at it from a law enforcement perspective, seeing how many police officers were killed — we have an illegal gun problem in New Jersey.”

Hannity: “Should every citizen in your state be allowed to get a licensed weapon if they want one?”

Christie: “In New Jersey, that’s not going to happen, Sean.”

Hannity: “Why?”

Christie: “Listen, with the Democratic Legislature that we have, there is no way those type of things –“

Hannity: “Would you support it?”

Christie: “Listen, at the end of the day, what I support are common sense laws that will allow people to protect themselves. But I also am very concerned about the safety of our police officers on the streets. Very concerned. And I want to make sure that we don’t have an abundance of guns out there.”

Rubio is correct in saying that, Chris Christie didn’t just “support” the assault weapons ban when he was 31, he was jazzed about it, telling the Star Ledger that “The issue which has energized me to get into this race is the recent attempt by certain Republican legislators to repeal New Jersey’s ban on assault weapons. In today’s society, no one needs a semi-automatic assault weapon.”

In a 1995 campaign flyer, he called repealing the assault weapons ban “dangerous,””crazy,” and “radical.”


Now, what if I told you that Chris Christie actually supported the assault weapons ban when he was 46 years old? It’s true that Christie was wisely vague when he told Hannity that he favored “some of the gun control measures we have in New Jersey,” but how about this?

FACT: Chris Christie supports the assault weapons ban and all current gun laws. He opposes attempts to permit conceal and carry laws in New Jersey – hardly the NRA position.

What Soros-backed Media Matters-style liberal Gotcha! outfit did that come from? The Chris Christie for Governor campaign:

Desperate Corzine already lying about Chris Christie’s Record

Corzine Lie: Christie stands with the NRA

FACT: Chris Christie supports the assault weapons ban and all current gun laws. He opposes attempts to permit conceal and carry laws in New Jersey – hardly the NRA position.

Unlike Jon Corzine, Chris Christie will strictly enforce the gun laws against violent criminals, ending parole against violent felons and making bail harder to get for violent felons. The U.S. Attorney’s Office, under Christie, did nearly 800 gun cases and broke up violent gangs in Camden, East Orange, Newark and Asbury Park, jailing hundreds of gang members. Here’s Corzine’s record: murders increased 9% last year, rapes jumped by 15% and burglaries increased by 7%. (Source: NJ Uniform Crime Report, 2008). While Jon Corzine wants to use gun laws to play the typical petty politics of the past, Chris Christie would toughen gun laws to fight criminals and make New Jersey safer – another job Jon Corzine has failed in as Governor.

It wasn’t until after Christie got elected, and decided he might run for president, that he suddenly discovered his love for guns that can shoot down airplanes.

Say what you will about Marco Rubio, as a factual matter, today was the day his boots were made for, to walk all over Chris Christie.

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