Rubio Slams Obama And Senate Democrats, Says 700,000 Jobs Will Be Lost If Bush Tax Cuts Expire

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio appeared on Fox & Friends on Thursday where he slammed President Barack Obama over his “you didn’t build that” comments. Rubio also took aim at his Democratic colleagues in the Senate for threatening to let the Bush tax cuts expire for all Americans in January in order to force Republicans to accept a deal that ends those cuts for high income earning Americans. The Florida senator cited a report that claimed if the tax cuts did expire for all Americans, the economy would likely shed 700,000 jobs.

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Rubio was asked for his thoughts on President Obama’s comments in a campaign speech last weekend about private sector success begin aided by public sector projects.

“Everywhere I’ve gone over the last four or five days, people have said, ‘can you believe he said that,” said co-host Steve Doocy.

“He was being honest about what he feels,” said Rubio. “He’s not a believer in the free enterprise system. They’ll never admit that, because the American people support the free enterprise system.”

He said that President Obama has always believed that American success is due to the redistributive power of government. Rubio said that Obama’s comments set up the stark choice that voters will face in November.

Co-host Gretchen Carlson asked Rubio why he thinks that President Obama has not met with his jobs council over the last six months. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that it was due to the fact that President Obama has “a lot on his plate.”

“This is typical – he did this also with the debt and deficit,” Rubio began. “He appoints a group of people and then when they come back with recommendations he doesn’t like, he ignores what they came up with and, in fact, campaigns against many of these things.”

Rubio said that it is clear that the jobs council frustrated President Obama because they recommended that the regulatory burdens on business be scaled back.

Finally, Doocy asked Rubio for his thoughts on Senate Democrats going ahead and letting the tax cuts expire for all Americans in 2013 to force Republicans to extend the cuts only for Americans making less than a certain income level.

Rubio said that businesses are already contracting ahead of that tax increase in January and cited a report that showed 700,000 jobs would be lost if the tax cuts are allowed to expire.

Watch the segment below via Fox News Channel:

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